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Music Information

Work Number
emsis 01-030-c s
Composition Date
Infections (2005) is the third piece of an ongoing series that makes up a collection entitled Formes dévoilées. The title, Formes dévoilées, refers to the stark formal ideas that are at play and that are unveiled and made clear to perceive in each piece. One goals of this series is to make form the poetry of the piece. By featuring the formal structure of the music with strong emphasis, it becomes the focal point; the point where we can be drawn in, and experience the piece for its form's sake. During the compositional process, this inspired the idea of reducing the materials as much as possible, so that the structure becomes so present that it is perceived at a visceral level. Each piece that is part of Formes dévoilées has a similar structure, they are each in five movements (except for one), with each movement being ten minutes in duration, with one minute of silence between them. Their material content is in modest quantities, and similar throughout the piece—with some variation, but very narrow in scope. Their shapes are in strong contrasting blocks, and in a combination of symmetrical-binary and ternary form, depending on which layer one chooses to observes. However, where they differ is their instrumentation. The only instrumental part that has any definition is the percussion parts—which are all precisely defined—all the other parts are defined only by clefs. These 'clef parts' can—in theory and practice—be played by any instrument as long as their range accommodates the notes in the part.


Price $35
Dimensions 9x12 -- 15 pages