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» Catalog » Fleurs d'équinox [cahiers A5]

Music Information

Work Number
emsis 01-070
Composition Date
The « Série A5 » derives its name from the size of the scores. These piece are unique in a few was, first they are intended as a bridge between written and improvised form. As is usual for these types of pieces, visual/symbolic prompts are there, but their interpretation is fairly open—suitable for music reader and non-readers alike. Another feature is that each page is a complete musical thought with x number of repetition and within the timing a marked. And finally, the score pages, usually between 8-10 pages, are bound with rings, making it a completely circular score, without any first page or any last page. Performers can, and are, encouraged to start on any page they choose.


Price $30
Dimensions A5 (~6"x9")