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Music Information

Work Number
emsis 01-038 s
Composition Date
Each of the three movements of NIHIL OBSTAT follows the same form, which is A-B-A. The 'B' part is a thinner slice of material than the 'A' parts, and also features a considerable contrast in playing technique and dynamic, which all together creates an eruption of sorts. The 'A' sections' main characteristic is minute glissando shifting of pitch within the range of a whole step ? from a given pitch, a half step up and down to move within. It was inspired in some ways by James Tenney's book META+HODOS. The term nihil obstat is from Latin, meaning "nothing hinders" or "nothing stands in the way." Premiered in Vancouver at Sonic Boom Festival at the Western Front, April 12, 2008. Nu:BC Collective: Paolo Bortolussi, flute; Cris Inguanti, clarinet; David Harding, viola; Eric WIlson, cello; Corey Hamm, piano


Price $45
Dimensions 9"x12"