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Music Information

Work Number
emsis 01-076
Composition Date
Piling Sand—Piling Stone 5 is for solo voice and MaxMSP and is part of a series of pieces that gradually reveal themselves to the listener over the space of 90 minutes. One by one, notes are sung, which are recorded and looped back every six minutes through a multi-channel speaker installation. Ever so slowly, the piece becomes layered through the speaker playback: it becomes denser, richer, and more elaborate, until the final six minutes reveal the “complete” piece. In particular, Piling Sand – Piling Stone 5 uses a text by Acadian poet Georgette LeBlanc, and exposes interworking of vocal production, for example, showing a slow transition from voiceless fricatives to voiced fricatives. Helen Pridmore commissioned Piling Sand—Piling Stone 5 and the New Brunswick Arts Board supported its creation in 2013.


Price $70
Dimensions 9"x12"