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Messe blanche was first premiered at Sonic Boom 2000 in Vancouver. See a performance : http://youtu.be/pVDZtsNb4Ro

Music Information

Work Number
emsis 01-007 s
Composition Date
The quartet can be made up of any four instruments with sustained tone. (As opposed to natural decay, e.g. piano.) Each performer is to begin at the approximate center of their respective instrument range. The number, and the “±” (e.g. ±6) qualifies the pitch that is above; durationally and in regards to the pitch relation to the previous note. The number indicates both the amount of semitones the performer is to move up or down (performer’s choice) and also the duration in seconds the performer is to hold the pitch. The thick bar with 3” is a three-second silence. Each note is to be played as plainly as possible (unless otherwise noted). The three following symbols represent different treatments for the notes found underneath: -T implies the use of an “extended technique”. -Accidentals implies the performer fill-in chromatically the interval that they are to play up “or” down. -Note symbols implies that the performer plays a very subtle and gentle rhythm of their choice on the given note. If the performer ‘runs out’ of their instrument’s range, there should be an octave transfer or a change of direction. All other musical symbols are to be interpreted conventionally.


Price $24
Dimensions 9x6.5 -- 12 pages