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Mirko Sablich was born in Lima, Peru. He started his involvement in music during elementary school as a member of the junior and then senior school band where he played various instruments by ear including the military flute, the clarinet and the euphonium. Having never received any formal musical instruction he formed an improvisation rock band in which he sang, played guitar and wrote songs. He enrolled at the University of Lima and studied for a time, mathematics and economics. After moving to Montreal he concurrently studied economics and music and later obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in composition from Concordia University and a masters in composition from l’Université de Montréal.

Over the last years his compositional practice has been questioning the very nature of music and the creative act. Disciplines such as philosophy, cognitive science, mathematics and acoustics allow him to roam and explore the labyrinths of the imagination in a quest to free the mind of pre-conceived notions. His pieces are created and formed, intuitively and/or systematically, from observations of the ebb and flow of reality. Among the most common perceived stimuli are natural and urban phenomena, mathematics and numbers, chaos and patterns, recursion, analogies and metaphors, paradoxes, infinity, language, games, visual signs and symbols. The core of his practice, then, embraces awareness of the subjective nature of experience.

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