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Jonathan MARMOR

Jonathan Marmor’s recent music features cheap synthesizers, winds, and
guitars; melodic ornamentation; consonant harmonies; unexpected
harmonic changes; slow rhythms; avoiding repetition (sometimes); and
simple forms. The primary idea explored is that randomness can create
expressiveness when set in a predictable or familiar context.
Influences on this music include chart-topping pop, reggae, classic
rock, manele, Erik Satie, John Cage, Morton Feldman, and Ozric
Tentacles. While these pieces were completely computer generated, they
are intended to be performed by musicians playing instruments, either
live or in the studio.

Earlier music has focused on randomly out of tune music, easily
perceived systematic forms, abusing analog tape recorders, abusing
NoteWorthy Composer notation software by using it as a terrible MIDI
sequencer, sustaining dense microtonal clusters, and listening

Jonathan received an MFA in music composition from California
Institute of the Arts, where he studied with Michael Pisaro and James
Tenney. His BFA is also from CalArts, in north Indian music. He
studied tabla with Swapan Chaudhuri at CalArts, and with Swapan
Chaudhuri and Ali Akbar Khan at Ali Akbar College of Music and in
Calcutta, India. Jonathan’s earliest musical experiences were playing
in “Lenny Seidman’s Tabla Choir” in Philadelphia, alongside his first
music teacher.

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