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Ensemble Sisyphe recording «Liens intimes et Problématique»

Finally, after almost a year since Ensemble Sisyphe premiered four of the ninety-six pages of André Cormier’s «Liens intimes et Problématique», we are headed to the studio for some epic session on our way to record the entire quartet. The recording will be the first work to be released in the ‘Collection Hic et Nunc.’ Keep you eyes and ears open for it in July 2016. A special thatnks to the Canada Council for the Arts to make this recording project possible. It also looks like at the end of July Ensemble Sisyphe will be performing «Liens intimes et Problématique» live over four days, more details to come…

Collection Hic et Nunc is a way to make available a piece of music that’s duration is beyond the scope of a conventional CD. The audio will be made available for download only, but a physical manifestation will exist as a book, with a specially commissioned text, the miniature score, and all the usual credit information, and more. The collection aims at the same time to integrate-in a single binding-two disciplines of art that achieve their expressive goals by different means, that of music and of literature.

96 of these...
96 of these…

E S P A C E V I D E Musique expérimentale Le Milieu, vendredi 29 août 2014, 20h – Montréal




Pour Takako Minekawa/Tensho — June 30, 8pm The Cultch (1895 Venables Street, Vancouver)

Admission: $20/$10 (students, seniors, artists)

For tickets call The Cultch box office 604.251.1363

Purchase online at tickets.thecultch.com
Or in person at 1895 Venables Street

This co-production between Redshift and the Powell Street Festival Society explores how Japanese culture has defined the sound art of two radically different Canadian composers. André Cormier’s recent work, Pour Takako Minekawa, is a tribute to the legendary Japanese shibuyake pop icon — though Cormier’s music, with its profound handling of silence and minimal material, perhaps shares more common ground with Japanese Noh Theatre than with any of Minekawa’s upbeat utterances. This dark, hour-long piece will be premiered by Cormier’s own Ensemble Sisyphe. Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute; Robin Streb, viola; Brian Nesselroad, percussion; Allison Hrabluik, projections.

The evening’s second event is dedicated exclusively to the music of the Japanese-Canadian composer Yota Kobayashi. This Vancouver-based sound artist has received international acclaim for his haunting electroacoustic scores: listeners are immersed in a psychedelic soundworld of birdsong, temple gongs, heartbeats… even the Skytrain has been effortlessly interwoven into Kobayashi’s rich and nuanced music. Two of his award-wining works, Tensho and Kakusei, will be heard, along with the premiere of Kobayashi’s newest piece for flute, cello, piano and electronics: Shiki.

Media contact:
Sabrina at 604.739.9388 or media at powellstreetfestival.com



Herménégilde Chiasson, "Conversation"
Conversations – Herménégilde Chiasson

Andrea Young  ·  voice
Robin Streb  ·  viola
Chris Bagan  ·  piano

Works by Antoine Beuger  ·  Andrea Young  ·  André Cormier

The Vancity Culture Lab  ·  1895 Venables Street, Vancouver
March 2 / 2010. 8.00 pm  $10-$20


Ensemble SISYPHE will be at the Candahar Bar February 12 and 28, 2010. Read on for schedule and more details….